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Listen to our podcast with Kathryn on her Campaign Manager Pro experience.

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Step 1: Professional Consultation

Kathryn is paired with industry consultant Jennifer Kilberg to develop a simple, powerful marketing plan.

  • 2-Hour Consultation
  • Website Image Edit
  • List-Building
Jennifer is awesome! We narrowed down my goals, who I was looking to reach, and how it was best to reach them.”

Step 2: Design Renovation

Kathryn works with an expert Agency Access designer to build her branding from the ground up.

  • HTML Email Template Design
  • Direct Mail Template Design
  • PDF Portfolio Design
 “The design process was fun and insightful – choosing my logo, colors...I spend a lot of time on the coast, so the colors we chose resonated with that.”

Step 3: Marketing Launch

Kathryn’s Agency Access team send postcards, make telemarketing calls and send email campaigns.

  • 6 Telemarketing Cycles (150 contacts in total, up to 450 calls)
  • Complete printing & mailing service (6 lots of 100 postcards)
  • 36,000 Email credits
“Telemarketing really helped generate consistent portfolio requests and meetings. And direct mail was just a massive and daunting task, but Agency Access had an easy and logical system.

Step 4: Rinse, Repeat, Results

Kathryn is only six months into her Campaign Manager Pro membership, but she’s already seeing results.

“I've been able to get a lot of face time with new prospects as a result of Campaign Manager Pro, and my portfolio is now in the hands of several national magazine editors. This sort of brand recognition after such a short time is definitely a turning point in taking my career to the next level.”

What’s next for Kathryn?

  • Additional marketing cycles
  • Ongoing advice and reports

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Before Campaign Manager Pro, I felt a bit lost. These tasks are too big a job for just one person. Now I have a team of specialists working hard to promote me. It’s the closest thing to having your own in-house marketing department staffed with industry experts.

Kathryn Wagner

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